Building an open community of innovators for developing markets


VBN was founded with the goal of making Financial Inclusion practical and simple. For three years, the company worked to gather intellectual property and ideas on how low cost, efficient software for Financial Inclusion can be accomplished. Unlike legacy systems companies, VBN focuses on how mobile and financial platforms for emerging economies on how they should be designed, built, and scaled.

Understanding developing markets and vertical requirements and leveraging technology using lean processes is the key to providing the right mix of innovative products with sustainable pricing and fast implementation approaches.



The founders of VBN were motivated to pursue, and materialize, good ideas about Financial Inclusion. Based on the starting vision, they resolved to build a dedicated company with specialized skills in building software platforms, to fulfill their original vision. An agile based software factory was structured to assemble the mobile software and financial components required to serve the demand of emerging markets. As result VBN assembled a team of passionate experts to design, develop, and deploy the first VBN Platform.

In 2013 VBN deployed its first commercial system: the VBN Enterprise. Then in 2014 the company delivered a new platform the VBN Cloud, and in 2015 VBN released the Financial Inclusion version of VBN Enterprise.  VBN in Q4 will release VBN Analytics, a new product for real time predictive data analysis.  VBN keep on adding new layers of software to make the VBN platform suite easier to use and more accessible to its clients-partners and end users.

Beginning with the vision that the FinTech and Mobile Banking industry involvement requires, VBN is proceeding successfully deploying more platforms in new regions of the developing countries.



VBN team has a common passion and a simple mission: to help solve one of the world’s most difficult problems. To do so, the VBN Founders, assembled a team of solid experts in financial systems, business, technology, and social aspects.

VBN team’s backgrounds range across many different industries and countries around the globe all passionate about innovation. The opportunity for new technologies, products, and business models to disrupt the current financial services ecosystem motivates VBN team to keep on innovating and evolving VBN platform, products and services.

VBN team is proud that, with its clients-partners, VBN can provide innovative, forward-looking software for Financial Inclusion that makes it easy to bank the unbanked and the underbanked.