A cloud based fintech platform to deliver fast and comprehensive mobile services


VBN-Enterprise is a comprehensive financial suite to directly acquire, track, and service customers through the Internet or mobile devices, or cloud. It operates in a totally unconventional infrastructure.  VBN-Enterprise provides the required functionality to facilitate and expedite customer management, sales networks, product offerings, settlements, accounting, reporting, and business governance while providing real-time processing for financial services requirements.

Powered by the VBN banking engine, VBN-Enterprise is equipped to support true relationship banking. It provides customers with real-time access to banking services such as deposits, account inquiries, and fund transfers. VBN Enterprise has pre-configured parameters and supports multi-lingual operations and multi-entity rollouts.

Real-Time Event Driven Financial Services Layer

Built with O/O technology, VBN-Enterprise provides a platform for delivery of a comprehensive infrastructure that drives customer e-acquisition and extends the branchless bank’s outreach. The VBN-Enterprise architecture (functional and technical) has been designed and implemented to support real-time business transactions from diverse channels, including mobile phones, web apps, internet, external systems, and other SOA mechanisms.  Customer-oriented financial services, accounts, and transaction processing have been modeled and implemented as a reduced (but complete) set of online real-time services. These services perform operations from enrolling a customer in the system and establishing accounts to daily processing (24×7) and coverage of the overall business life cycle in the context of the financial services market.

Main Components 

  • Environment (business and technical)
  • Pricing and Conditions
  • Customer Register
  • Customer Relationship/Contracts
  • Retail Product builder
  • Loans and Deposits
  • Payments
  • Agents/Agencies
  • KYC


VBN-Enterprise features straight-through processing and real-time event-driven architecture that reinvents financial services delivery with innovative, agile processing techniques and a new automation paradigm.

VBN Enterprise delivers a broad banking system that realizes a completely customer-centric database. It runs on a variety of fully scalable HW/SW platforms, including MS, UNIX, and Linux.

VBN-Enterprise consists of multiple banking subsystems/modules with capabilities that cover all the major functions of an international bank, from Loans and Deposits to Foreign Exchange and Reporting.

VBN-Enterprise supports an incremental, evolutionary implementation approach, which reduces the risks in new development or integration projects.


VBN-Mobile is a set of banking software components covering front-end and back-end account processing with a real time dedicated module specifically designed for mobile device interactions.

VBN-Mobile supports the interaction using multiple access channels, including internet-based protocol calls, mobile operators USSD, and SMS (in and out). The VBN-Mobile layer guarantees user authorization and access to the back-end processing functions.

VBN-Mobile supports SMS gateway interactions, the HTML5 standard for desktop, tablet, or Smartphone interactions, and USSD or SMS for simple GSM based phones. VBN-Mobile can operate with multiple mobile platforms and standards.


VBN-Mobile provides:

  • Increased interactions with end users
  • Reduced account servicing costs
  • Multi-layered authentication and layered security technology
  • Easy navigation through menu options to view account balances and details in real time
  • Real-time transfers
  • Loan payments

VBN-Mobile combines the benefits of Internet banking with the power of mobile devices and provides quick access to account information. With VBN-Mobile, account holders can navigate easily through menu options to transfer funds, view account balances, and access account history.

Mobile banking and other vital financial services provide new opportunities for the unbanked. They can help to reduce poverty, create new jobs, and provide easy access to financial resources, especially during disasters, when access to money via cell phones can be crucial.



VBN-Inclusion enables banks, telecoms, and MFs to serve the unbanked and the under-banked with a new generation of financial products and services. VBN-Inclusion supports multi-channel delivery with a high level of operational efficiency while enabling regulatory compliance across emerging markets. Built on the VBN- banking engine, VBN-Inclusion is designed to support true relationship banking.

VBN-Inclusion can interface, directly or via industry standard middleware, with any core banking system. It enables end customers to access their accounts through a business correspondent network. The bank’s field staff and extended correspondent network is, in turn, enabled to support customer registrations, cash transactions, and both inquiry and request services.

VBN-Inclusion provides financial organizations with a two-way messaging infrastructure to alert field agents and bank staff through SMS.

Main Components

  • Multi-Channel delivery
  • Remittance and Payment
  • Funds Transfers
  • Reports

VBN-Inclusion is cost-effective: a low-cost channel to bank the unbanked.

VBN-Inclusion provides great ease of operation. Banks can deploy the platform to customers using anything from basic GSM featured mobile phones to smartphones. Sales networks representative can capture base data from prospective customers for the KYC and scoring process via online, real-time or deferred interactions with the centralized system, when connectivity is available.


VBN-Cloud enables cloud-based financial services to deliver fast, robust and comprehensively mobile banking services. The VBN-Cloud Platform supports the requirements of financial institutions to stay competitive and profitable now and in the future. VBN-Cloud combines low-cost and high scalability to effectively manage unlimited processing power and storage, applications agility, speed-to-market, and variable pay-per-use cost structures.

VBN–Cloud operates in an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) mode, serving social and mobile-networked users.

Main Components

VBN- Cloud is based on the VBN products (VBN Enterprise, Mobile and Inclusion) which are delivered via the VBN-Cloud or via the preferred partner customer platform. VBN-Cloud is ready for fast implementation and utilizes the available infrastructure while delivering the required functionality.

The main components are:

  • customer management, sales networking, product offerings, settlements, accounting, reporting. and business governance: all enabled for real-time processing
  • front-end and back-end account processing with a real-time dedicated module for mobile device interactions
  • access for end customers to their accounts through business agents’ correspondent networks


VBN’ experience in deploying systems on major cloud infrastructure provides a solid base to design and implement VBN- products jointly with partners in private clouds and hybrid or mixed configurations in different geographies worldwide.


Key benefits include:

  • faster delivery to the market
  • business growth-based adaptable IT infrastructure
  • worldwide coverage for multiple deployments and customer service needs
  • business agents’ correspondent networks with low cost centralized operations and resource monitoring



VBN- Analytics is a new product, a powerful PaaS, real-time analytical platform to update instantaneously statistics and models as soon data are changed or acquired.  VBN- Analytics enables banks, telecoms, and MFs to predict behavior and outcomes. VBN-Analytics has been structured to handle real-time complex, dynamic and “fuzzy” business processes.


VBN-Analytics now solve the urgent need to embrace the prediction stage.  VBN- Analytics provides a new approach to business process management by dynamically analyzing streams of data and events, utilizing data analytics and business rules to make real-time decisions, facilitating automation, and providing exception alerts required to accomplish the objectives of a specific business.



VBN-Analytics extends the state of the art in information technology, by:

-Responding in real time to events and business requirements

-Analyzing data continuously, in real time, disruptively in contrast to batch analytical solutions

-Consistency of customer experience across data distribution channels

-Analytics to understand and address customer needs across diverse segments

-Development of existing users’ history to predict cost effective new micro credit programs for underbanked and unbanked